Wings of the Goddess … Installing!

12ish pm -11/23/07 – YAY i got my FFXI expansion from gamestop!!! so yah, i took some time to update FFX…probably an hour. i was trying to register, and i see this POL-0011 and i was okay. maybe something was up. so i checked alla and see all these ppl are having registrating problems. so i was ookay, let’s wait and let this registration dye out a bit.

11 PM – 11/23/07: aftering hearing ciermel getting through registration and some of duckies and salvage ppl, i was like, maybe they fixed?

4AM – 11/24/07 (i think i passed out somewhere in there): SE sucks and so does registering. i think it all comes down to luck w/ registering. i’ve been at this for a long time. i shut off my computer and let the pain and fustration heal over a bit =/.

10:00 AM – 11/24/07: i was yay, it’s saturday and i have ffxi to myself ^_^… but then i realized i havent gotten close to registering =(

10:30 AM – 11/24/07: i was like OMG…the SCREEN IS CHANGING!! but then i got this darn message:

10:40 AM – 11/24/07: OMG i got the registration page. i didnt take a ss of the registration because i was over joyed!! so yah i double checked the registration page and rechecked my numbers a couple of times. when i hit enter i got this page:


10:45 AM – 11/24/07: DONE!! i thought i had this screenshot “Congrats u losers for staying up this long to register for a lousy game that doesnt pay respect to your huge fanbase customers for finally registering WoTG.” but i guess i lost it, {/sigh}

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