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9 Responses to “Made some custom freckle DAT!”

  1. Sofo says:

    Yaoi is much better! ‘-‘ Is there any way to easy edit .dats? (For people not familiarised with doing these kind of things).

    I love your blog! There, I said it, ’nuff said! ;x

  2. Jackalman says:


    Oh, Mai, I’m VERY disappointed in you! lol, j/k, but make sure Salvage > all. ^^

  3. ClassicRed says:

    >:o! I totally see the ghost :3 Imagination station Q(‘.’Q) Its ment to be another Mithra I’m thinking!

  4. Maiev says:


    Um… when you dump “or open up” a dat file out in Model Viewer, there’s usually 4 more other files! the bmp, the dds, mcd and mqo.

    If you aren’t changing the model structure or their mapping (eg. extending those Taru ears to be even longer), then the only file it matters is the bmp file, which is what I kinda play around with.

    Modeling gets pretty difficult when you start adding vertex since for each component you add, you got to specify the material, and also their corresponding action. You know when you move your taru, your clothes kinda… move too? Well you’d have to know how to do that too. Else say you enlarge the taru bewbs ^^, but you don’t do the action file, then when you do the panic motion, you’d see your whole body move except that part that you mod.. it’d look weird but funny hehe!

    So yea, I just open it up, edit the bmp (graphic, texture), then pack it up! As long as you don’t touch the shape, its usually not too hard. (Eg. drawing a Scar onto your face etc)

    But yea, most program you see in that link are um.. in Japanese. So I guess no one was willing to write another program to make this any easier T__T.

    HAHA @ Classy! Is it a girls thing to imagine un-necessary things ._.! The boys I ask last nite on vent didn’t see it either! I’m seeing this as a boy vs girl diff ._.

    & I hope Jack didn’t click that nasty stuff @ work!

  5. Calaera says:

    lol o.o I see a ‘ghost’ but its because of the way the photo is colored and designed that makes it seem like a ghost if you focus on that one little area. Its a cute, unintentional ghost though!

    ;o; And yeah, I imagine un-necessary things all the time. The boyfriend laughs at me because of it, but at the same time he probably enjoys it because I end up clinging onto him for comfort. :o

  6. Sofo says:

    Thanks for the answer. I’ll look into it! Possibly just play with the bmps :x

  7. ClassicRed says:

    Men have no imagination……….

  8. Daggy says:

    Lmao XD a ghost?! haha, it took me a while to squint at that little section- I think someone’s been seeing too much ghost videos ^.^


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