Yea so i got back to leveling ninja again solo! first of all i bought a new outfit lvl 40 and got lvl 35 just today, so far havent joined a single party with it and leveling solo…everyone thinks i am crazy for doing that but i am a stubborn taru.� anyways i cant wait till i get lvl 40 so i can wear that new outfit omg i hate when you have something in your inventory and you cannot use it yet!!! and i spent 200k on it so pffft i want to wear it lol, ninja is the only fighther job that interests me right now, who knows maybe something in the new expansion will interest me, but i am taking ninja to 75 anyways beacuse its fun!!! oh lots of people on the LS say that”ninja expensive…ninja weak…ninja not fun…ninja not cool…blablabla” but you know people act like that when they are jelaous :P

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  1. Ciermel says:

    Go go, Inore!! Ninja talu is the bestest ^^


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