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No Responses to “The Inorelin Come Back…”

  1. Ciermel says:

    welcome back Inore!!! Yeah I’m so happy to announce that we are back in bizness too :) For starters, maybe update our header and our theme, what do u think?

    CC \(^.^)/

  2. Inorelin says:

    thats good Cier-san but dont dare to change my picture and the outfit!!!! :P

  3. Quintalian says:

    Well — you need to let your host know this page is revived! I tried to get here from the front page, where you two are quite dead and greyed out. Fortunately the old version of the front page had a working link.

    C, what equipment are you using in the last post you made? It looks like Luzaf’s outfit, but is it also a real set of gear, or did you just .dat-swap it?

    Oh, and Ino — “mammets” always sounded like something unnatural to me, but I guess you could always make cookies shaped like them, with black sugar frosting and a marshmallow on top of the head in place of that little topknot thing. :D

  4. Ciermel says:

    We did inform Maimai already and he is working on our page right now… ^^

    CC \(^.^)/

  5. Inorelin says:

    sorry about last night but i fall asleep while having conversation on FF lol….we can talk about stuffs today

  6. Aurelius says:

    Glad to see you guys still posting ^^, see you on FFXI :D


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