The Inorelin Come Back…

Inorelin, FFXI TaruTaru of Fenrir

Hello there everyone! yes yes yes, i havent write anything in ages, i quit FF for 6 months beacuse…well lets not get into why beacuse its a long story but my card i was paying the game with was stolen! so i am sorry to everyone about that, and yes i missed you all and all that :P haha well for starters when i first came back to the game which was…more then a month now i was like”wow…this game is so cool” i was like amazed and could not stop smiling even when all i did was walk! lol well so yea and everyone in the Nobles was shocked to see me, they thought i was dead or something…pffffft! but i am glad to see most of the members that i rememberd were still there so i was happy.�

Anyways what i did first was start rasing my choco…a new one beacuse Myrr and Sheann from Nobles gave me their 2 choco cards that were blue and i wanted a blue choco and i mated them and got an egg and then started growing…and took a bloody month! i waited…and feed it…and trained it…feed it more…and more…and finnaly yersteday i got to ride it for the first time :D so it was great success!

Inorelin, Ciermel and Sheann, FFXI TaruTaru of Fenrir
TaruTaru of Fenrir, Inorelin FFXI

Now in COP, most of the LS is on the…what are they called again…Mammets…sounds like a good food i know but its not…and when i heard it for the first time and asked LS if we going to eat something tasty and they said no i was very sad and dissapointed. We also did couple AF’s for people and couple missions, and we are having a lot of new members on the LS, cant wait to finish COP and then start zilart…well i already started zilart earlier by myself and gotten some missions done but cant wait till i do it with the whole LS, so ya everything is fun and going good, we failed the first run for mammets but pffft thats beacuse we were not 100% ready and beacuse i was dissapointed it was not food, oh and i cant wait for the new expansion!! and and i started leveling ninja again which is 34 now and got my sub jub meaning war to 20 just today, so going to continue leveling ninja again need to get 40 soon beacuse i need to be it for mammets…but really though…didnt you guys think it was food when u first heard”mammets”??????

�Its great to be back^_^

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  1. Ciermel says:

    welcome back Inore!!! Yeah I’m so happy to announce that we are back in bizness too :) For starters, maybe update our header and our theme, what do u think?

    CC \(^.^)/

  2. Inorelin says:

    thats good Cier-san but dont dare to change my picture and the outfit!!!! :P

  3. Quintalian says:

    Well — you need to let your host know this page is revived! I tried to get here from the front page, where you two are quite dead and greyed out. Fortunately the old version of the front page had a working link.

    C, what equipment are you using in the last post you made? It looks like Luzaf’s outfit, but is it also a real set of gear, or did you just .dat-swap it?

    Oh, and Ino — “mammets” always sounded like something unnatural to me, but I guess you could always make cookies shaped like them, with black sugar frosting and a marshmallow on top of the head in place of that little topknot thing. :D

  4. Ciermel says:

    We did inform Maimai already and he is working on our page right now… ^^

    CC \(^.^)/

  5. Inorelin says:

    sorry about last night but i fall asleep while having conversation on FF lol….we can talk about stuffs today

  6. Aurelius says:

    Glad to see you guys still posting ^^, see you on FFXI :D


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