Tav Banner

ahhh… another banner!!! Yeah, I got bored easily and made another banner >.< I wanted to make something with a tavzanian theme since that is the mission where inore and lenn are now and I actually spent hours in Tavnazian Household taking screenshots and going over every single pathway and house I can check on but everything seems look like a rock to me. So I finally to decided to just take this shot of the center temple right across the bidge as my background. The taru at the right side is Inore's brother Milymag ( kind mage ) who plays as a blm in the game. And on the left side is Lenneth on war af.. purdy segsy ^^ Well, guys lemme know what u think of it?... be nice...� �

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  1. Inorelin says:

    Nice! from a ninja to a king! :P

  2. Ciermel says:

    lol that is not a king… it’s Palladin AFv2 :P but yeah it is nice lol

  3. Inorelin says:

    well i kno! but it looks like a king with that crown! joo!


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