Rank 5 and AF1

I know, I hardly post anything about Lenneth. She is my hume character by the way, for those of you who don’t know her. Well, here’s some update :

Hume Warrior FFXI Fenrir Lenneth

I finished getting her to rank�5 last month so she don’t look like�noobish now. With the help of Aure and G, plus the Tooots,�we�stormed thru�Davoi, Beaudeaux and Castle Oztroja without deaths and much delays. �Well we’re able to�get all the magicite in no time and got our ranks to 5. Don’t forget our�airship pass�too… thanks guys ^^�

Hume Warrior FFXI Lenneth Fenrir

Also�I was able to finish Lenn’s AF1 quest after a long time. It started at Port Mines at Bastok by talkin to some old lady named Phara.�After a couple of blah blahs she told me to�find some material to fix her sword. And that I can only find it in Davoi, luckily, I was doing Rank 4-3 mission on that day and my ls�aggreed to fight the 2 NM’s while we’re doing the mission. So walah! I got the material, came back to the old lady but she told me to come back another day. The following day, she said she fixed it but her grandson have it…�of curs, it can’t be that easy.. so off I go to see Naji and got my AF1 weapon, Razor Axe. It’s not too bad a weapon so I guess I’ll keep it ^^

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  1. Toootall says:

    Congratulations on the accomplishments^^. I thought the NM fights in Davoi were pretty awesome to watch (read, I just stood over to the side and out of the way while Aureliusthewise and Inorelin took care of business, lol). Ok, maybe I did cast a little talu pain their direction. But, I mostly just watched and enjoyed the scene.

    Nice GAXE you got yourself, too. Don’t you just love the GAXE? Malec sure does.

  2. Ciermel says:

    I do luv the GAxe la, they hurt the monsters pretty badly lol, thanks ^^


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