Good-bye C-Ciel

Charmante Ciel, Chocobo, FFXI

You must be wondering… why am I saying goodbye to my chocobo? Well, I can give you some good reasons behind it. One good reason is, me being in a limbus/sea ls at the moment, I don’t have the luxury or time to care for my chocobo every night. Much less have the gil to buy her food… doing limbus twice a week is killing my allowance >.< It's a hard decision for me coz I have grown really fond of her but after every ls event, I'm too tired to even check on her sometimes. I did not give up on her�but instead retired her. When you retire your chocobo, you get a VCS ( Vana'diel Chocobo Soceity ) card and a�plaque. I'm keeping my VCS card in my storage safe plus�I placed the plaque on�top of my writing desk.

Ciermel and Chocobo, FFXI Fenrir

The only good thing that keeps me happy is the fact that I can still call her in the field and ride with her ^^ So please, don’t be sad for me, I’m sure one day I will be able to be with her again :)

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