Ciermel’s 1st Choco Birdy!

Yep, it’s confirmed, she’s all grown up now! and she’s a black chocobo! Well, it don’t matter to me what color as long as she is purdy… and she is! As soon as I talked to Hantileon, he told me I can call my chocobo in the field if I have a chocobo whistle. But… he wanted to test the bond between us. The only way to do that is to find an item my chocobo hid somewhere. If our bond is strong, I will find that item and I can have the whistle.

Ciermel on Chocobo, FFXI

I took Ciel for a long walk in Jugner Forest. When we got to the wooden bridge, she stopped and admired the scene for a bit…. while she was distracted, I took my chance and checked the area. To my surprise, I found this… “Dirty Handkerchief”. This is the same item I gave Hantileon when she was sick and can’t sleep at night. I guess it means so much to her.

When I returned to Hantileon and showed him the item, he instantly knew that the bond between me and chocobo is strong and so he entrusted me the whistle. But before I can call upon her, I need to register her first… I guess that’s a formal way of saying “buying the charges maybe”.

Ciermel and Grimace on Chocobo, FFXI

As soon as I registered her, I ran out to West Ronfaure and called her. At that same time, my fwen Grimmah got his whistle too and decided to join us for a walk with his chocobo named NorthernLight. I see 2 downsides… first they ran slow, my talu running is faster and they don’t talk… at least make them say “Kwehh!”. After a couple of laps, we decided to call it a night and try adventuring on other places. Well, this definitely is getting so much fun now. KWEHH!

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  1. Aurelius says:

    Great Chocobo Cier, it looks nice.

  2. Ciermel says:

    Ohh thanks Aure, what does ur choco looks like? ^^

  3. Ciermel says:

    omg that is awesome looking ^^ we both have black one, grats :)


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