GuessWho LS, Ultima!

Ciermel, Feomir, FFXI Fenrir Ultima Black mage

GuessWho LS decided to fight Proto-Ultima with 16 people and guess who came as a whm…� me ^^ It was smooth fighting at the first 50% health, our tanks do die occasionally but luckily one stays up to keep hate from us mages. At 40%, it started spamming an aoe move that instantly makes your hp from full to zero in .06 secs..�� ouch!!! Good thing it has a 20 second timer so we can run away from it… but poor CCtalu got hate from it so it keeps drawing her in that she can’t escape the aoe >.< After dying like 3 times during the fight and eating enough talus for the night, Proto-Ultima decided to call it a night and retired :) We got buncha coins and 2 tails dropped. Blms randomed to whoever gets the tails and Grimmah and CCtalu won... YAY!!!

Weeber, Grimace, Ciermel, FFXI Fenrir GuessWho
Nashira Crackows

Here’s the screenshot of Grimmah, Weeber and CCtalu wearing the shoes….. and yes, Weeb, I added some lighting in your shot unlike the one you have in the forum :P Grats talus ^^ and thank you Istari for this!

5 Responses to “GuessWho LS, Ultima!”

  1. Didgist says:

    ‘Grats on your new Shoes CC^^. They look awesome. :D

  2. Ciermel says:

    thanks buddy, so happy to know you actually read this lol ^^

  3. Inorelin says:

    :O i want that!

  4. Maiev says:

    I wonder where Inorelin go.. he disappeared :O!
    yay to aladdin shoes

  5. Ciermel says:

    inoretalu need to stop slacking and start posting again >.<


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