The new Ciel

FFXI Chocobo Baby

Day 19 and I went to check on my chickie baby… but I was so surprised… she actually looks different this time. She grew up into a fine young chocobo ^^ She has grayish tail feathers… a fwen of mine told me she might be blue or green… is that even possible? Plus, you can do numerous care programs including Read a Story. I think that is so cool. One particular I have is called The Impatient Chocobo… hopefully she will like the story. Hantileon gave it to me one time while I was takin a walk with Ciel.

Ciermel TaruTaru FFXI

Before, you can only walk your chocobo outside the city, now we can go to La Thienne. And our first adventure didn’t go uneventful. We met this 3 meanies boasting to me that their chocobos is so much faster than mine. I actually wanna bite their ankles. I will raise my chickie strong and show them what we’ve got!

I also noticed she eats more this time. Before, I used to give her like 2 stuffs a day…. now, it took like 2 carrots and 2 vegetable pastes to fill her up. Oh my, she is getting bigger and much stronger. I have to work harder now so I can afford her meals, lol, but I think it’s worth it :D

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  1. Inorelin says:

    OMG! i am so jelous! lol and those 3 punks need to die! lol

  2. Aurelius says:

    Ya, I’ve beaten those 3 guys 5 times now, Malevolent Hope is a true racer. She is very restless though, all she ever wants to do is race….Anyway my choco’s tail feathers are white but seem to change in different evnironments (What does that mean)?

  3. Ciermel says:

    i have no idea atm but im glad ur choco is a true racer ^^ keep up the good work lol


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