RMT got owned by a whm on pulling!

RMT Fenrir Didgist Ciermel Grimace

I got some of my friends helping me get this nice pants for my blm. During our camping, some rmt peeps decided to show up and compete with us. Somehow, I saw a pattern of the spawn spots of the ph. I was guessing it will spawn downhill on my right side. So I got my flash ready for pull if it spawns there. Luckily, my guess was right and I flashed as soon as it popped. Too bad I died tho coz eventhough my nin voked it off me, I still got hate and did not stop hitting me til i died >.< Nonetheless, our efforts didnt go to waste and the pants dropped. I want to personally thank Grimtalu, DidG and Pops for their help, I owe u guys big time!

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