my chickie baby

So, I went to Sandy to check on my chocobo egg. Whenever i get the chance, I would check up on the egg. I have it under basic care for 5 days and listening to music for 3 days. I’m still new to this so I really don’t know what to do in regards to caring for it. Once I talked to Hantileon, the npc that takes care of the egg, I asked about the egg’s condition. To my surprised it hatched and I was so happy and excited! I got a pet choco and it’s a girl also. She is the cutest thing :). I named her Charmante Ciel ( Charming Sky ).

After naming her, I took her for a walk and I noticed her hp went low and I thought should let her rest after that. I also think I should set a rest time for her to heal her hp. Well, this is so exciting I think and I guess I will have to read some guides about raising chocobos now. I hope I raise her well. ^^

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  1. Toootall says:

    Good luck with Sky, C!


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