Ciermel back to School! >.>

Ciermel School in Windurst, FFXI Fenrir

yeah, so mostly have gone back to school too during with week. and the talus in windy are no exceptions! the school of magic is starting their semester this week and u got it right… cctalu enrolled at that school also! the first day is eventful, we have to introduce ourselves to everyone and meetalu the classmates. as you can see, maitalu is sleeping at the back, i say too much partying that’s why!

Ciermel, Windurst, FFXI Fenrir, School

my professor liked me so much she had me solving this math problem�on the board. as you have guessed, cc is a good student and she knows the answers! hope you guys had a�good day at school also, enjoy!!!�

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    back to skool for me soon :


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