Welcome To Talu Turks

TaruTaru Ciermel's CoP Adventure, FFXI Fenrir

hello everyone i am inorelin and i run this place with ciermel talu lol,we hope you have a pleasant stay…anyway i went on a promy mission today and my Linkshell got me and ciermel maaad for 2 days we were telling everyone to bring healing potions to the final battle,we got to the last level ok and before the final boss everyone is like”huh?! what potions” yare yare…i mean who would not get mad at that? lol

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  1. Aurelius says:

    Welcome everyone, reply on here or feel my cold steel upon your neck…thats right. But, on a lighter note, if you ever need rank 4 or 5 just call upon me and I will do them solo with you ^^.

    P.S. New people..lvl ur damn SUB!!!!


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