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'Gears for Weapon skill on Dynamis Lord.'

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7 Responses to “Gears for Weapon skill on Dynamis Lord.”

  1. VZX says:

    your WSC is actually 28, not 27. So your fSTR2 = 2.

    Since fSTR2=2 corresponds to STR-VIT=-4~-5, then DLord VIT is 120~121
    That’s kinda inconsistent. Even with level difference DLord won’t give appear with 10 VIT difference. So I also inclined to believe there was choke casted on Threx’ DLord

    On your equipment:
    Since you capped your pDIF, probably ratk+10 from vulcan staff is meaningless(maybe)..
    probably try woodville’s + ifrit’s blade? (lol)

  2. VZX says:

    just done re-read Threx’ post. They used choke :P

  3. Ashiya says:

    Do I need to floor the 113 x 0.3, or only the whole equation? :( I always get confused when it comes to floor the stuffs.

    I could try one of the other axe/sword, but none of them will give higher STR than Vulcan’s staff :D Vulcan’s staff still gives 5STR besides the 10 Ranged attack XD

  4. VZX says:

    Ah right, forgot you were /WAR

    yep, round 113x.3
    You wrote it that way, do it that way :P

  5. Kittyo says:

    Would Faith Torque be better in this case also?

  6. VZX says:

    Nah, Faith Torque adds to your ranged attack while using marksmanship weapon.

    But since in this case (pDIF capped), any additional atk is meaningless. only those that’ll enhance your base damage can raise your damage. And in this case, Breeze gorget simply the best for raising your base damage

  7. Shadida says:

    Haha, now I know why you told me to keep Jungle Sash for DL yesterday! Too bad Lhexh will always make me bring THF :(


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