[Updated] Rini/PoP’s TaruTaru Draw/Coloring!

Maiev of Fenrir by Rinielenika

I don’t know if it will be live when you look at it, but live to me!

Rinielenika is another artist I met on Fenrir. Rini’s BF is Ditsy, a taru so naturally loves drawing taru. Tonight, she’s bored out of her mind and start drawing, started off drawing random taru titties :x lolz

Anyway, below is the livestream. I hope it will be live when you watch it!

[Dead Link]

Oh btw, happy new year! Serious FFXI post coming up (Cuz I am playing a lot more now!)

So yea, the lineart was drawn by Rini, but then it was posted on Rini’s DeviantArt for other’s to color. A few took the challenge, including PoP. Since PoP recorded it (and I watched it live), here’s the EMBED of her artwork :D

Updated: Another version colored by PriestessOfPie =)

priestessofpie on DeviantArt.

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  1. Ddbone says:

    Wow hay there! Not sure if you remember me! Long time old school Fenrir TaruTaru!

    Just dropping by to say hi and wish you everything going smooth!!! :P


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