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'FFXI to RL - Round 5 now with Otak!'

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18 Responses to “FFXI to RL – Round 5 now with Otak!”

  1. Lyali says:

    You guys are so cuuuuuuuute! X3

  2. Maiev says:


    Thanks for the love :)

    Working hard to revive fanart! LOL :D atm!

  3. Farkee says:


    but not as cute as me :)

  4. Maiev says:


    Thanks for just SCROLLING through the texts! /bow

  5. Calaera says:

    :o Otak is cute. I hope she keeps Mai in line because he is a troublesome taru~

  6. Karla says:


    I’m not sure if he’s a troublesome taru.. But he did say that it’s good I didn’t play FFXI with him and knew his nasty side before we met in rl XD.

  7. Sibe says:

    You guys look very cute together. Grats Maiev!
    Thanks for the visit to NYC with your kraken , good times. =)

  8. Maiev says:


    /sleepga II
    /evil shantotto laugh!

  9. Tuufless says:

    I guess “travelling halfway across Vana’diel to claim -insert HNM here-” gave you good practice to “travelling halfway across the planet to claim Otak!”

    {Confederate Icon}ulations!

  10. Maiev says:

    Thank you Tuufless! :) Yea, those level up sure helped!


  11. Mirith says:

    Awwww gosh Mai!

    What a beautiful story :D Loved all the ffxi touches in there too.

    I would loooooove to hear your duet, please please please release it! I’m so nostalgic over ffxi music. I just need to close my eyes and I’m back in that far away special land.

  12. Maiev says:

    Hello Mirith :D I miss seeing you around! The last comment from you was… ages ago!


    Thanks for your kind comment :D I dunno if she find it cheesy or immature XD but it works so lol that’s all that matters =)

    We’ll try to find a good duet :) just for you XD no worries! Breaking out my violin skills after 14 years… meh takes some practice XD

  13. Michael/Tali says:

    Nothing short of inspirational, truly.

    And thankaru again for the BB invitation, it’s always a fun distraction during the workday!


  14. Momohko says:

    Thats a really cute story maeiv ^^ me and mango met because of ffxi although we were on different servers as well ^^ cosplay brought us together tho ^^ and it wasnt even on an ffxi site just an anonymous image cosplay board lol ><! i was rly shy at first but when i showed my best friend of 6 years a picture of him she said I KNOW HIM ! she had met him at the convention i was supposed to go to with her but was to broke at the time lol it was cool and here we are three years later lol ~ ffxi is awesome <3

  15. AAAGH says:

    Oh my! That’s so adorable, I had no idea! You two looks so cute together :D what a cute story :3

  16. Maiev says:


    Thank you for your kind words ;) We met through art, then RL, then finally FFXI loL! (Yes, we finally met each other in FFXI!)

    But she plays a boy taru, i play a female taru lulz!~ As you might hav seen in her DA ^_^;


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