Bad Taru Mai :x

According to the link above, I got it on June 6, 2006~. I was still in a HNMLS at the time. Although there was no announcements or encouragement from anyone (to me) in the LS to “Please use bots”, It was purely voluntary on my part.

The reason I was under the unknown list, to the best of my knowledge is because they started recording the server of all users after a certain point in time.

Obviously this is something I’m very ashamed of or I would have admitted it myself.

I’m not going to blame the Maiev of Brismarck, but the one on Fenrir. I don’t want to spend the rest of my days in FFXI denying something like this, its not fair to my friends. This reminds me of Platinumknight denying that he is Glimpse.

I’ve seen friends got temp ban, or even perma banned for using this. I dont want any of this to happen to any of the ducks in my linkshell or myself, hence I stopped using it long ago which resulted my name listed under unknown. My ducks are really nice, I love every single one of them, and the way I protect them is to have them avoid the HNM field. I lead my LS to do anything they want, except HNM.

I am no longer a member of that HNMLS. Instead, I spend my time writing blogs.

I encourage everyone not to try it. The fear that you have to go through everyday, not knowing if you’re part of the next banning spree, is not something you want to go through. Loosing your account is something that cannot be reversed.

Everyone have their secrets, and we are allowed to have secrets but I guess this was my secret for FFXI. I was caught, I learned my lesson without a warning, but I guess I never apologize for it, and here it is. I’m sorry. I’m sorry also if you feel shame in being associated with me. I don’t think my readers are stupid, and I don’t plan to treat my readers stupid by pretending I’m not on that list.

I left comment open so feel free to call me whatever. It does go through moderation simply because there’s lots of spam, but I will post every single comment.

Its only a game, but be responsible for it. After all we are all humans, real people but just behind the keyboard. Sorry if there’s a few parts that weren’t expressed correctly, its kinda hard for me to express feelings correctly when its not my first language.

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  1. mashu says:

    bad taru =p

    seriously though, don’t beat yourself up too much.. the fact that it’s so widespread, as the list shows, while not making it right, gets you to realize that the kings are horribly implemented in ffxi. blame SE! =p

    i don’t really think any differently of people that are on the list than i did before….

    other than kingkai. rofl @ bad packets.

  2. wyred says:

    There were 4 other “Maiev”s yet you didn’t brush it off and said it wasn’t you. Thumbs up. ( ‘-‘)b

  3. Bubian says:

    Man, don’t worry about it. No one is gonna hold anything against you, I think you are taking it too harshly. Besides, your duckies still love you!! Come see my relic in action bum!

  4. Ftsev says:

    It really isn’t that bad a thing to do tarutaru, especially so long ago. The game was glitched in that in almost forced people to use these things. ‘-‘b

  5. Scragg says:

    6/6/06 lol. I made a mistake on that day also and watched the Omen in theaters. I’m not ashamed to be associated w/you, it’s not an easy post to make.

  6. Calaera says:

    I applaud you for stepping up and making a post about this. It must have been incredibly hard and a tough decision to make. I know for sure I would have had a hard time with such a decision if I had ever had to make it. That said, I’m shocked but I don’t think differently of you. Instead, I am happy you stepped up and told everyone about it. /praise

  7. Jowah says:

    At leest you have to guts to admit this.
    I know people on that list with UNIQUE nicknames who still say “it’s not true”

    I am a bit disappointed to see you there but at least you showed of a mature behaviour with this.

  8. Speck (Avatarati) says:

    Don’t worry about it. Like you said, it’s just a game. Nobody is gonna think any different of you. I think at one point or another, we’ve all attempted it or at least contemplated it. I used a summoning bot and a bar-bot about two years ago to get skillups while I was at work lol. Eventually though, I became so nervous of losing my account, the only thing you’ll see me using these days is Windower >.>

  9. Jetre says:

    Hey Maiev, I don’t know you personally, but do know a lot of Duckies from OGaZn. You shouldn’t be ashamed dude, I applaud you on the courage to sya out-right that it was you and not blame it on other people with the same name.

    Very commendable, keep up the great work with you blog, DH and in-game activities!


  10. Strawberrie says:

    So I see a lot of poeple saying don’t worry Maiev it’s not a big deal, don’t be ashamed, ect. And I agree. I think that the way kings or set up, HNM shells have to bot or they won’t get claims/loot. It’s a product of SE’s bad system that people bot.

    BUT here’s a question to all the people that don’t care that Maiev is a botter: What did you say when you saw that tons of Kupo members were botters? Is their botting not a big deal? Did you say: Oh don’t worry about it Sinstarr it’s nothing to be ashamed of? What we have here is a double standard. I’m sure most of you were loling at Kupo’s embarrasment. I’m tired of people saying OMFG I HATE KUPO THEY KEEP CLAIMING OUR HNMS BECAUSE OF THEIR BOTS.

    Everyone in hnms shells do it, and if you are in an hnm shell or have people with hnm loot in your shell, odds are pretty fucking good that you are benifiting from someone using a bot. I for one have always thought botting wasn’t that big of a deal, whether they were in my shell or in a rival shell. I’ve always hated hypocritical people fighting with each other/starting drama threads when they are guilty of what they are accusing people of doing. All I’m saying enough is stop being hypocrits and creating double standards.

    For the record, I like Maiev a lot. In my opinion, your botting means nothing. Your admittion to botting is very commendable and hard to do however, and I’m glad to know you even more because of it. Also, I’m not in Kupo and hate Kupo like most poeple, but not because they bot. I hate them because of their pigheadness and their mpking/stealing/bad tactics at HNM camps. And, I posted anon becuase I don’t want to start drama with other HNM shells, maybe cause less flames, and therefore make my point stick better.

  11. Daranoon says:

    ext wwwwww

  12. Maiev says:

    I did struggle with the publish button for hours, I’d even fail to get a good sleep :x. I love this game to the stage that seeing stuff like that hurts. I am sorry for those that are disappointed with my past action. Its something I cannot rewind and correct. I did try to make up for it, such as not crafting so other Goldsmither themselves can enjoy their investment… or just continue to run a LS to bring enjoyment after ducks had a stressful day at work/school, bring a very friendly and warm atmosphere to my ls without asking for anything in return.

    The only reason I still play is.. I play with friends, but when I’m ashamed to even see my friends, I lost my very last reason to play.

    I do read every single reply though, and fully understand and learn from them. For those that haven’t seen me in-game, its because I still cannot justify what I did :x I don’t know how long it will take till its gone but… until those harsh feeling are gone, I don’t think I’ll be logging in. If they don’t go away then :/ yea…

  13. Etain says:

    Honestly, none of the names on “The List” surprised me in the least. Even yours- you’d served your term in Omen, in the height of the “OMG Omen bots” days, so I’d be lying if I said I was shocked.

    I do have much respect for you owning up to it and admitting that it was your name on their, etc. It takes a big person to admit to the truth instead of blaming it on bad packets or some such nonsense.

    We’ve all done things, I’m sure, in this game that we’re not particularly proud of. Myself included. I hope that if/when any of us are put in a similar situation as yourself, we can handle it with as much grace as you have, honestly.

    And in response to Anon-guy- yes, it is a double standard. The difference however, is Maiev has genuinely (and imo successfully) tried to change the “stigma” that went along with being associated with particular HNM groups, while Kupo continues to be your daily group of asshats, trying to mpk people and just generally be tools around Vana’diel. That is the pure underlying factor as to why people are so quick to forgive Maiev for the indiscretion and condemn Kupo for the same act in the same breath.

    Not trying to start drama, just my $0.02.

    Come back soon, talu!

  14. Zimph says:

    For anyone out there – I don’t appreciate any of this being associated with Omen. There are Omen names on there, but according to the list… these were purchased in 2006. We’ve been in the HNM scene since 2004. That’s a good 2 year span :s Not much denial these days.

    Not to mention, I don’t even think Maiev was playing with Omen around 6/6/06 (Too busy fishing! haha).


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