Maat’s Cap huh…

the StarOnion, Maiev, Maat,s Cap in FFXI

Exp Box on FFXIAH!

Ever thought about getting one?

Apparently I’m pretty damn far away, not even 50% done for Maat’s cap for playing um… since NA release (Oct 2003) Oh this is from my own FFXIAH profile.. new feature ‘.’

/give up and play WoW lol…

So yea, go find out yours! Sign up on FFXIAH, give them your Playonline Profile URL then check your own profile page :) And you can start LOLing at your dream!

4 Responses to “Maat’s Cap huh…”

  1. Scragg says:

    lv1 to lv66 = 492,350 exp

    492350 * 15 = 7,385,250 exp is the minimum exp needed to get Maat’s Cap, but you’d have to beat him on all jobs at 66 :p

    (to our record)
    Most Impressive:
    Most Hardcore:

  2. Maiev says:

    Fukin crazy… 12million Exp… he killed over 60,000 exp mobs…. if they are 200 exp each… holy shoot

  3. Jowah says:

    Nothing easier if you have some free time, and im talking about mornings/evenings free. And not having an HNMLS of course.

  4. Didgist says:

    I’m goin’ for it~


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