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3 Responses to “Light Luggage & Salvage!”

  1. Moondice says:

    Hey bud, first off I have to say that this blog is really interesting. You play red mage the way I do, and you’ve leveled up GS the way I’d I had planned to do before I stopped playing. So in many ways I guess your like an iconic figure for me right now. But I had a question in regards to windower. I’ve been away from the game for well over a year now, and had fairly complex gear switching in the past. After I stopped playing I got rid of those macros and attempted to rewrite them recently. Using windower 2.26 it seems to crash and not load all the aliases properly. I was wondering if you knew the cause for this.

    I understand if your busy, but I’m on aim and msnim if you can please contact me.

    [Took out your contact for Privacy, but I forgot to copy it rofl!]

  2. Moondice says:

    I think I figured out why they were crashing. My alias was pretty complicated and for one of my aliases was

    alias refresh_head input /equip head “Duelist’s Chapeau;

    The missing ” took something as a string I guess. I’m really not sure but I would have to assume that was the problem. I also had lots of aliasing for my spells (every spell that I know for 75 rdm and /37subjobs I had aliased inside one file called spells. So now I could cast invisible without having to scroll or macro it by just typing “//invis”. This also equipts the sulker’s cape : D

    Previously I had a very intriciate menu system. Like CTRL+F9 – mages, F10 – melees, F11 – other. After which you would pick the job F1 – rdm, F2-blm … etc. Than pick the role (Exp, Dynamis, Tiamat, etc …). This menu system consisted of a combination of key binding, keybinding over previously bound keys (do you have to unbind?). And many aliasing. Again I’m not sure if windower can handle such a load since I don’t know the behind the scenes when using the alias keyword.

    This is both an update on my above question. Also I had a question about 3.3. There is an if statement for item drops. Is there a similar command for checking day (lightsday, darksday, etc..), moon and region control : )

    You can see where I’m going with this. Please don’t be shy and send me an e-mail. I’ll really appreciete a reply.

    Thanks in advance, /wave

  3. Maiev says:

    Apparently, those aren’t in the package yet nor supported by Windower. There is a plugin call “All Jobs Helper” I “believe”, you can find it on Windower forums (windower.net) that does determine these type of condition, thus swapping to respective equipment automatically. I’ve also heard other UI’s that does these kind of stuff.

    Windower is really advanced, so don’t worry about giving it a heavy load.

    Regarding setting macros with the type of the day, what you can do is make different set of key bindings, and bind elts based on days, then have those keybind to “run” another file to execute the rest of the macros. Its a bit more tedious, but more organized imo. At the moment I just have my “in-game” FFXI macros to run a script, that way its more organized, and I can change other equipment sets by editing the text in-game.

    I wasn’t going to be shy and email you, but it felt unsafe to leave your email/aim contact open, so I deleted it (thuoght I had it Cut), but I didn’t :/ see comment above.


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