Think you’re a Samurai Pro?!

Welcome to the world of “it makes you feel like n00b”! Now go visit…

Sohjai’s Blurbs

To be honest, I took his advice of how to play and gear Samurai, and I’ve been owning in most exp parties ;) A lot of math, but then again, he got tons of time on his plate ._.

He is crazy… The End. If that blog didn’t make your eyes bleed, come back and tell me about it =P

3 Responses to “Think you’re a Samurai Pro?!”

  1. raidenn says:

    Wow pretty extensive stuff.
    Hey I got a good question for you, how did you manage to cap your parrying? Did you solo those Colibris?

  2. Maiev says:

    Oh um.. well I 2box a whm and myself to do all those parrying :) dunno if that’s call a Solo or a Duo ^^;

  3. Jkun says:

    I never understand why people do so much math over FFXI. Isn’t it meant to be a game? None of that interests me. Either you hit the mob a lot, miss it a lot, do lots of damage, or do gimp damage. There’s no need to calculate your ass off over anything.

    But I guess it’s interesting to those who do it, whatever floats their boat!


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