“Mom Please!!” Says a kid. (Humor)

As I watch more of these Vids, maybe there’s stuff in WoW that will really get you into it! Maybe I should quit before it gets too serious!

Honestly, kids should play less video games, and read more “Motha Fukin Book” (Funny video ^^)

Speaking of books, I’m pretty sure some of you know Harry Potter (The last book) was leaked 1 week before it was meant to be released to the public. Well, some kids read it, record the endings onto a Tape, ran around town and blast the speaker “to those who’s lining up for the book overnight” the ending! Its pretty funny. You can watch it here (Contains Spoiler)

Oh this one is a bit hilarious too! 300 Trailer – WoW version!

I wish there was an FFXI version too :o! Anyone interested in doing one? :D

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  1. Jkun says:

    Wow, that kid got OWNED.


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