I hope this isn’t me… (Humor)

Crazy Videos

Is it?

Video: Guild leader go wild, this can blast your speaker (not work-safe), and contains profanity, but would 100% make you laugh! You can come grab a cookie off me if you didn’t laugh ^^;

This is WoW… maybe I should quit before I turn into this :D

3 Responses to “I hope this isn’t me… (Humor)”

  1. “And until then, you will throw more dots, more dots… CMON MORE DOTS!!” @_@;

    amagad mai where’d you find this xD hehehe Now where’s my cookie ?

  2. Jkun says:

    Oooo, I saw this ages ago, SO good, never gets old.

    How did you get your FFXI Equips to display in your blog? Stole it from Scragg or did you figure out the html feed? XD Share YOUR wisdom!

  3. Maiev says:

    yea man, more dots more dots!

    I’ll write something up about profile equipment in an hour ;), i WAS going to write it up anyway xD


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