MMORPG Banking System?!

Banking System in MMORPG

Very interesting idea. I mean it would be kind of cool if the MMO supports bank, meaning rich players can deposit money to the bank (automated system), and gives you interest overtime. I mean being a game developer, you have full information of how much money are in the market etc, the supply and demand, rarity of stuff etc.. New player who are starting off, can borrow money to buy essential gear and pay back later.

The bank can evaluate a player’s credibility. Such as time played, merits earned, levels or experience point attained. Hell they can even prompt the lender. When a loan is not being pay back, then its time to take the “AH Cut” and shove it into the original lender. I mean the AH does take a cut everytime we put something up. That’s insurance should someone fails to pay back!

Of course it wouldn’t be this easy, the “credit evaluation system” must be very good, but anyway, its a good idea no? :D There’s a lot of consideration that must go into this MMO banking system but… its a good “idea” no?!

This is a paragraph in an article I read…

Think of these possibilities: Guild, faction, or city banks. Guilds, factions, businesses and individuals within a city or region need natural resources to grow their empire. Buildings need wood, castles need bricks and mortar, and these two things need tools with which to be built. Who will provide this for them? Why not set up a faction banking system? Members of the guild deposit their funds in the short- or long-term to fund the project at a certain interest rate (a fair market rate of return based on what marginal value the newly funded resource will bring), the faction can use the funds in the interim for their benefit, and then will have to pay back the principal and the interest when the term expires. It works every day in real life, why not in the role-playing world? The entire financial infrastructure could be implemented on the server side (meaning that players wouldn’t have to keep track of what it is that they owed) and would have no less chance of failure than today‚Äôs modern auctioning systems.

I think its a great idea. We do have LS banks, we sometimes make tank to buy… say “Fire Resistance” gear to fight Wyrms, wouldn’t it be nice that we take it out of the LS bank? When we sell stuff, it goes to the “LS Bank account?”

Its a great idea, and you can read the original idea from [this website].

Anyway, iPhone released today, came across some interesting links so here it is ;)

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  1. Etain says:

    I’ve said for a long time that games like FFXI need a bank.

    Maybe then I’d have somewhere to put my money so I’m not always spending it! :x


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