Can you find who stole Bush’ watch? (Humor)

Stolen Watch?

Kinda off topic but funny…

Video: Can you find who stole it?

Telling you, its going to be on ebay a few days xD “100% Genuine bush watch” :)

Limo broke in Rome?

Damn he’s having a bad day! Italian jus “laff” when his Limo broke ‘.’ GM quality on display there =P

Video: Bush hoofing to his destination. (this vid got ads -.-)

Source: Autoblog

I’m not at home btw, travelling! So just making random post when I’m bored.

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  1. Sofo says:

    I saw the video of Bush’s watch on the news today (don’t ask me why it was on the news –; ) and I think it looks as if he gives the watch to one of his bodyguards.. but yeah I totally had that image of the watch in ebay too XD


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