Female Gamers! (Humor)

No offense to Mai girl readers but, its a pretty nice joke xD

Female Gamers

Speaking of female gamers, there’s a pretty {interesting article} I read. Girls that define themselves “female gamers” when they don’t play video games at all is just pure lame… & I have to agree! here is the [Full story…]

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  1. jtaru says:

    LoL @ girls that play CS once or twice with their boyfriend(s)…

    then they call themselves gamer girls

  2. Reiginsei says:

    Thats so damn funny.

    This is what DS is for ^^

  3. Calaera says:

    We should have male gamers post model shots, too~ :P

  4. Jowah says:


  5. Maiev says:

    no /sadpanda girls so far right? :D

  6. Strawberrie says:

    Well I really don’t know whether to be offended, or to agree lol. The cutesy little pictures with Nintendo controllers covering the nipples make me seethe, but then she goes and says we WoW’ers are not really gamers. I’m compelled to make a self-defensive statement, saying that I’ve played more than WoW… I’ve play FFXI, LoTRo, EQ, all the FF’s released, and a whole bunch of console crap like Castlevania and even CS (and not just twice, lol jtaru). Do I absolve myself of the gamer girl image she’s trying to portray? Someone say yes… anyone…

    But it’s true. I know you’ve seen me bitch about certain ladies in FFXI that post their little “I’m wearing nothing but a bikini, soaking wet in a pool” pictures on ffxiplayers and then get a slew of guys dropping ochiudo’s kote at their feet. And then when it comes to getting their cutesy little Taru/Mithra White Mages to perform in an end-game situation, they suck worse than a first-time RMT player who just picked up the keyboard yesterday?

    Maybe I should end it now. It seems that I, too, am full of angst about “girl gamers.” If they just had skill to back their Vicky’s Secret push-up bra-wearing, Wii conroller-toting asses, I’d be all about screaming “gurl powerrr” or whatever the wimmin-folk say…

  7. Maiev says:

    Yea I didn’t wanna put myself in any position at first, didn’t want to comment on it in my post.

    I think the image of girl gamers is just ruined by those like you said, “Wii Controller toting asses”. Its just like when you think of RMT, you think of Chinese. We all know not ALL girl gamers are like that, nor all Chinese are RMT. But the image they send out is really ruining what the general perceive them.

    There’s a lot of girls that I know, plays video game because they have passion for it. Its just like some people think guys are better in games, when in fact its not true. Its just more guys play games than girls, so “relatively” there’s more skilled guys than girls.

    But I do hate girls who just call themselves “female gamers”, when they don’t have passion with video games at all. Like my original post, I just hate those that don’t even play games and call themselves “female gamers” :x

  8. jtaru says:

    believe it or not, my best friend introduced me to many new/different games while i was in highschool

    and zomg, she is a girl

    and she played many diff games too…

    most of all the FF series.
    countless rpg games (her fav genre)
    fighting games like capcom vs snk 2, dead or alive, etc.
    ragnarok online for a short period of time…

    she was always more of a console gamer, though…

    anyway, those kind of female gamers are the real ones…

    don’t need the posers that hang around arcades and watch people play games!

  9. Pensiri says:

    Character: Pensiri
    Server: Asura

    Being a “girl gamer” myself, I would like to state: Alot of these posts I agree with. Mainly the talk about girl gamers who do not live up the the skillset of their male counterparts.

    I know personally I do not have this trouble anymore, but in the past it was a pain. The following is why:

    Alot of the female MMO community (yes there actually is one) has a hard time existing in the first place. Men, by nature, are the firsts of many troubles female gamers deal with in an MMO environment. Why? Ask anyone, and they will tell you a MMO is a guy’s realm. However, this is 2010 people… Yet alot of female gamers are still seen in most cases as the weaker or less capable, as has been my personal experience via /tells and even facebook messages. If we are to destroy perpetuated stereotypes, let’s not forget the stereotype of the egotystical male characture. This has been especially hard for me, being an Asian female gamer seems to have brought me uncared for attention at most times, despite the fact that I did not commercialise myself in game. Facebook and MySpace are evil.

    In short: A good friend, or close friend, goes a long way in contrast to a “I eventually want you on webcam showing off your private goodies for me because I’m entitled to this satisfaction” type relationship.

    Second irritation to female gamers: Men confusing female gamers with “manthras” <— for lack of a better term^^ (for you non FF peeps, "manthra" is a term given to male players who portray a mithra(FFXI female model only character type))

    Why would this matter? Guys who RP female gamers give us a really unfounded image in the eye of the public. They act overly whiney, overly happy, overly stylish, overly infatuated with being the center of attention, and generally a mockery to the female gender in general. Not to mention that they generally exist for the sole purpose of tricking other guys out of money or items. (Pretty funny that guys go out of their way to this extent to screw other guys over like this. Some type of weird fetish? You be the judge.)

    Why they do this? I don't know. IMHO it has created more harm than good. Maybe this was the original intention of the many players who do such a thing.

    As for me. I LOVE FFXI and FFXIV. I will always play both as long as both exists. If you doubt female gamers abilities: Invite me to an event. If you don't like events then let's do brenner.

    Mew :'3


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