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'Parrying Againz & Mannequin Collection!'

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6 Responses to “Parrying Againz & Mannequin Collection!”

  1. Vryali says:

    Called out for my gimp parry skirr, what’s the world coming to T_T You’re only a few levels ahead of me and I need meripo bad (Gotta get PLD merits done :( ) so I don’t know how long your lead will last taru /throwunparryabletable!

  2. raidenn says:

    I have Blade Bash and Overwhelm. I dont see too much difference with Overwhelm though. Blade Bash takes too long to recast (15 mins).

    I wish I can work on my Parrying. What is the best way to do this?

  3. Etain says:

    Bah, I need to collect mannequin pieces sometime soon! x_X Have something like 15 pages of stuff in my delivery box…

  4. Maiev says:

    Honestly I don’t ugh… think Blade Bash is even any good ‘~” ever since the gimp. Anyhow, stun only kicks in 50% of the time, with a 10min recast (lol) and… plague doesn’t always land. I knew this b4 I did merits, but since I’m doing PvP with this, I should be focusing on -anything- that can help in PvP. :)

    and hehe :) someone needs to start lving up ;)

  5. jtaru says:

    lol i laughed at all the people who told me it was going to be a starcraft mmorpg….

    i told them it was going to be starcraft 2, the RTS game and no one would believe me.


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