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4 Responses to “Aquarius & Baby Samurai?”

  1. raidenn says:

    How do you skillup your parry skills? I need to do that too.

  2. No matter the server… “Ciermel”s rock XD
    dammit I fail at mathematics, you should ask easier questions to your posters hehe… I had to actually think about the recast of Chainspell in minutes °_°;;

  3. Jowah says:

    I got vrs cracked! Will need to start soon on that thing! But the bad thing is that I totally forgot most of the app’s functions ; ;

  4. Aramina says:

    I got crazy and attempted to solo Sea Horror last night on WHM/BLM 75 (I was actually pirate hunting at the time).

    I took it down to about 45% before Hundred Fists got the best of me. I think if I’d been /RDM I could have taken it by Grav-Kiting to get past the 2-hr. I was using the Bind and run, recast buffs, etc. strategy fine, but when I used Bind after it used Hundred Fists, it said it stuck, but it was still coming after me. Damn you SE!!!


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