Daggy, FFXI SS Dump and Randomness!

When Artist like Daggy breaks her Keyboard!

Daggy, LovelyDagger, DaggyInk, Pinch Maiev, FFXI Fan Art, Drawing

Daggy’s Doodling :

It hurts Daggy ><; Sigh... getting teased by girls :< But anyway... so one day I was like randomly chatting with Daggy the artist, and out of no where she start drawing pictures! Why? She broke her keyboard XD But here's a peek at the whole conversation... I had fun laughing at "picture / drawing communication" then actually talking to the person. haha Daggy's MSN Conversation (in a comic strip) <-- Orzz its kinda cool!
Daggy is a well known artist on DeviantArt (Lovelydagger), her 100k click KI thread [link removed, KI gone].

Some fun in the Knife room

Thief's Knife Camping Room, Istari, Weeber and Maiev, FFXI Fenrir

We were killing WSNM, but when we finish, we decided to fook around :) So we all went to camp that Knife for no reason :) But lol, something else happened :) You can watch the vid below

Some LOOL Screenshot from Scragg.

LOL Neo failed to give child care to their children? :x

FFXI Galka Children, Thelittleone, Rjork, Hensi, Zimph, neomagnus, FFXI Fenrir
Thelittleone, Burton, Zimph, Scragg, Galka Children, FFXI Fenrir

Random pictures I found on Internet

hehe I thought it was pretty cool :)

Hands Drawn on hands :O

A for the smile, E for the style.

Hair in Noodle, Girl

Zimph’s best sig to date (imo!)

Zimph, FFXI, Signature

College Saga 3

Fresh and new :)

Interesting stuff from MaiTalu:

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