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'Penta Thrust Classy's Butt! (Exp)'

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6 Responses to “Penta Thrust Classy’s Butt! (Exp)”

  1. ClassicRed says:

    Yay for dead mithra’s >:o \^^/ good reading again >.o even if my butt was the first topic :P

  2. Maiev says:

    Butt-er-tainment :)

  3. Jonpaule says:

    man I am an idiot, I typed out a nice post then forgot to put in recast time on Chainspell in minutes.

    Anyway, found this site while looking for Naruto related things and it bought back fond memories for me. I am happy to see you all still playing and having fun. One day I might come back still unsure.

    Take care Love Jp

    ex The Light Warriors 75 Bard, incase I have been gone to long :(

  4. Maiev says:


    I never expected an old-school bard like you to still remember me&ffxi rofl :) Thought you quit for good. I still remember you as one of those early 75 NA bards :) Old-school stuff.

    I do have screenshot all the way back to TLW days, I should kinda keep backward posting so I kinda have my history written out :)

    Nice seeing you aroind :O

  5. Jowah says:

    Ahaha I’ve seen that daggy pic in DA! (watching her there, huh!)
    As smn, that body-switching didnt touch meh!

    ……telling you again, you mad skillin up parry.

  6. Didgist says:

    Mwauahaha Killed you all!


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