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FFXI Fan Art Contest Entries, Drawing

Man… some of these artist were actually pretty good, pretty sad that they wern’t selected. But I did find… a lot of people drew Tarus. No matter what you put a taru in, they are always cute. Just imagine the picture above… is 2 galks holding onions… rofl :D

The rest of the 550 entries can be found here.

Taru’s so adorable… Anyhow, there’s a few more entires that I thought it was good…

Some of my favorites!

I thought this one was nicely drawn… the shadow was nicely drawn, the shades on the face, well it could use a bit more glowing color on the face, the eyes was amazingly drawn… and the expression was perfect.. a sense of innocent :D like what most Taru should give anyway… I really love this drawing myself :3

FFXI Fan Art Contest Entries, Drawing

I laugh when I saw how this artist drew robots! They are so tiny!!! SOOO Tiny!! I thought everything was pretty well drawn / shaded such as the emotions on face, the puppets, the manteel on the other hand, was pretty nicely drawn and in good detail too :x So sad this one wasn’t chosen :(

FFXI Fan Art Contest Entries, Drawing

Hahaha, I laugh when I saw this taru so angry! Look again, its MaiTalu rofl w! It does express me being emo these days :( trying to coool down! But damn it does draw the emotions properly… the extra symbols to express anger, the sweat, the face expresion and even the action! Pretty comic feel! I like!!!

FFXI Fan Art Contest Entries, Drawing

Doesn’t it remind you of that CoP ending cut scene? The grass and the breeze, the singing~ I thought the background was nicely drawn. The lips was kinda funny though ^_^, looks like its half hume half mithra but nevertheless, the color was nicely chosen :3 caught my eye right away :)

Playonline got the rest of the 550 entries! Go check em out here!
PS: I didn’t draw these, just pulled em out so I can describe/comment :)

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  1. Jowah says:

    Why, why I did not make something for that contest ._.
    I planned to do a picture with Prishe and little Ulmia e__e;

  2. jtaru says:

    zomg draw something for meeeeeeeee jowahhhhhhhh

  3. Maiev says:

    Don’t listen to him :( Draw for meee first!


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