Upgrading the Host

Nuermous people been getting time-outs for the past few months. Well I never expected in less than a year, that the “newbie” hosting plan would not be able to handle the load from all you readers :x

So with the hosting plan upgraded, there was also a server change to put this website in better / faster servers. Sorry for the few hours of downtime this morning! So hopefully a more enjoyable experience for joo! ^_^

If you’re wondering whoz my host, its netfirms. Recommended by my professor when I took a web programming class ^_^. Its pretty damn good :3, even the control panel is friendly, damn friendly :)

On the other hand.. I got these…. for comment.

Buying Gil Spam Comment on WordPress, FFXI


Blog Updates:

  • Added a question when you try to leave a comment “Are you Human?”, Sorry :( I had to ask.
  • Posting comment now reveals what Browser you use. *Trying to humiliate IE users ^_^*, time to make the switch!
  • Updated WP to 2.13, trying to make stuff AJAX style ^^; hopefully more efficient in querying stuff :D
  • A live jukebox feed from my desktop (What the Azn is listening!)
  • Minor changes to comment system ‘~”

Okay back to work!

3 Responses to “Upgrading the Host”

  1. jtaru says:

    wp 2.13 handles stuff with ajax?? hmmm i might just update then lol…

  2. Maiev says:

    well they say its better from 2.1 or something…

    but at least it works, u can try it out cuz… i’ve already added an ajax “edit comment”, try clicking on your own comment, you can edit it now :) without reloading the page

    damn :( I’m viewing this using IE :( stupid school computer T.T humiliating myself

  3. Jowah says:

    Ahahaha I received those FFXI spamz as well :D


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