/toss “old theme”

Yay something new. Pretty simple imo but took awhile to just fix up some little stuff…its 1024 wide. Honestly I don’t think anyone uese 800×600 especially you’re FFXI player. So sorry :) no support there.

Its easier for me to manage because its a bit more dynamic :O If you’re IE, you might see something more ^^; I’ll let you discover the cool stuff.

I just found out WoW has a website call Armory that pretty much lists EVERYTHING on your character, pulled out of their server in real time… I was suggesting this to Scragg and he told me about this website… Square just suck.

You know if FF players isn’t too paranoid about plugins and third party crap, it would have probably been implemented into ffxiah. It all goes down to SE. They should just make a scanner to detect bad 3rd party shit, and allow those good developer to help out with making the game better…

Took them a good 2 years to understand what Instances are… another year to think of “saving tokens” as a way to “save instances progression”.

Btw, Chocobo Racing, {What?}

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  1. D: I’ll miss your baby choco from older layout hehe ^^’ And btw looking at Duckhunt ls’s webpage…I freak out whenever I see one of those AMAGAD CUTE sanrio characters :)


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