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8 Responses to “lolKimble”

  1. jtaru says:

    dude, 6 smart players > 18 stupid players – ANY DAY

    but really, it’s so hard to NOT be great at this game… it’s totally lost it’s lustre to me unfortunately.

    i keep trying to come back for random shit but it never works out =

    at least when i’m doing end-game…

  2. Jowah says:


  3. Farkee says:

    you better not quit.. would be useless.. :(

  4. raidenn says:

    Wow didnt know you can use Wheeling Thrust as Sam…

  5. Leonida says:


  6. Maiev says:

    Reply to raidenn:

    no sam can’t use wheeling thrust. you can learn it but you can’t use it :D they just say that in the system message that you learned it though :D

    and damn everyone saw 300 too! :) good taste!

  7. Etain says:

    I saw 300 as well this weekend. Figure’d I’d hate it because of all the violence (and I was a bit put-off at the beginning by all the nipple shots… especially the teenage girl with like, 2 inch tall nipples o_O) but surprisingly, I liked it!

    I’m sure staring at half nekkid sweaty men for ~2 hours had nothing to do with the fact I liked it either… :x

  8. raidenn says:

    I didnt see it but I saw “The Host” this weekend. Its a korean monster movie and has a lot of good reviews. I was pretty much entertained. Check it out.


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