Double Wins for the Talus!!

wow….what an amazing night for the both of us ^_^. ciermel’s alliance went to do Bhaflau Remnant and finally got an item ~~ Bodb’s Crown!! i know ciermel been wanting to get this item from Long-Bowed Chariot (NM) for such a long time. congrats cc ^_^

ciermel still needs the 35 which drops off from the Psycheflayer (NM) in Arrapago Remnants. ^_^.

my alliance went to Silver Sea Remnants to farm a bit. it was THE smoothest run ever without a single railing cannon going off or anyone dying @_@!! anyway, DEKKA

finally drop something!! lol, if u read my last post, u know what i meant. Dekka been so stingy with the Enlil’s Crackows (1/40). but now we’re like 2/41 ^_^!! i already bought my Marid Leather (115k) and i’m 4/5 on my Marduk Set!!! yay!! Surprisingly it dropped the Njord’s Ledelsens too, which also completes my Skadi’s Jambeaux.

omg i loves these two shoes soo much ^_^!!! these shoes are sooooooooo nice for whms!! it probably rivals the Rostum Pumps O_o!!


btw Ciermel decided that it would be nice to get hellknight something nice cuz it was his birthday a few days ago. ciermel decided it would be nice to get him a Khroma Ore so that it would help him to complete his salvage body. poor hk, he had his whole set for a long time and still having trouble completing it =/. we split the cost, so hopefully he’ll be even closer to completing his salvage body soon =).

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  1. Jackalman says:

    Grats to you both! Even though I could have been there to lot against you for the Enlil, it is much better for WHM than BRD, so I’m really not upset at all. Still jealous about the Shalwar (2/290762809672508 sucks), but my time will come… hopefully.

    But seriously, you are now the official lootwhore of Lagsave!

  2. Jowah says:

    Next crackows not mine i’ll pass out


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