Helping out new adventurer.

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Helpin Wiffy Out!

Today I was going to get my Blue Mage to 37 (then decide if I wanted to take it up). Well I had this thf in my party call Wiffy. thf36/rdm18. At first I didn’t notice (well I usually don’t look at who’z in my party, because its already too late), well I notice she got En spells -.-. I checked, omg :/. I didn’t go out flame her, but was asking why she choose to sub rdm. Afterall, she just didn’t have enough knowledge about the game. Her Viper Bite were doing 36 damage.

We quickly got everyone’s nearest tnl (I was good damage xD), I walk her back to Jeuno and ask if she wanted a job talk. She was like sure. I spend 2 hours teaching a new adventurer. I didn’t know why, but… it felt good. She was able to do a proper Viper Bite, I gave her 100k and made her a sign ring. (no adv-support sucks ;). But thinking back when you were a newb, I’m sure you wish you had some sort of help.

So I mean when you see some people below 37 not doing their job right, jus be nice :) She was really touched, I can feel it. And that just made my day.

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