Merry Christmas from Daggy :3

Was clicking around, saw Daggy’s website got an update and whoa O.o

LovelyDagger, DaggyInk, FFXI Fan Art Drawing

Amazing! The original sketch / the original color
What I didn’t know was…

– Jeffo – O.O says:
ur artwork of that color christmas taru
– Jeffo – O.O says:
– Jeffo – O.O says:
Daggy v( ‘ u ‘ ) – Peaaaceeuuu says:
*blushes* awww >w Daggy v( ‘ u ‘ ) – Peaaaceeuuu says:
tyty so much
Daggy v( ‘ u ‘ ) – Peaaaceeuuu says:
i was determine because of joo xD

I didn’t know I was part of it :o! Just a little post, thought I’d share it with everyone ^^;

Daggy is an outstanding artist on DeviantArt. You can find more of her creation there. Also, comment is closed for this entry, you can leave your message on her DeviantArt page.

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