Weird NPC – “ass hal” and Salvage!

Sup! Hope everyone had fun :) Feel free to reply with pics you took over xmas =P Anyhow~!

I went by Avesta’s website :o his name been popping on ffxiah, and I found he actually analyze his merit allocation for rdm too :O surprise surprise, 8 HP merit :D, so I did a mini update on my rdm tier2 merits post!

Update: Did you people notice our conquest? Windy and Bastoky owns 3 place and tie for 1st, and Sandy owns 2 place… the Beastmen is rocking out :)

Sea o Pee done, Salvage!

Istari, Weeber, Sibe, Maiev, Last CoP Mission BC Fight, Salvage, Frogs and Gears, FFXI Fenrir Server

Yes damn… finally finish Tazo’s See o Pee! No more burden what so ever (until Tazo start nagging about the earring >.>). Having caught up with Tazo and my own’s mission, we went to give Salvage a try! Pretty fun! But ass hal (or ass hole) demands 2k assault points each time :< that's a lot of points to fish out on a regular basis! Luckily I had like 30k points saved up! I don't just go make gil all day long =P

Communion Earring +1, Tazo and Maiev, Takun, FFXI Fenrir Server

Speaking of making gil, sold Raiko a communion earring! Rich boi! But for selling him my one and only one communoin earring =P I made myself a +1 [maiev] ^^; Pimp! See imo, I’d love to have gear that’s my own craft +1’s, blue square. If you don’t wear them, how are you going to convince buyers that they are pimp item? See that’s what I don’t get about Takun, Lv54 rings, as a goldsmith 100… sigh gtfo :/ People need to know.. when you are 100 in a craft, you got to live up like one… not be gay about it.. especially you can make ur own Omniscient rings… I’m trying for Omniscient Ring +1 :) no hope so far ; ;

Also went to learn some new blu spells :) I’m now 99% complete (need Momento Mori!)

Getting too popular :/

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Its awhile ago.. but seeing StarOnion on… bluegartr. Although it wasn’t directly about this blog.. but wasn’t that comfy =P, I only intend this blog to be “just another ffxi blog” =P. Sure, I love Star Onion’s music, i have them all installed in my FFXI music (like it plays moghouse staronion instead of the original one) but… didn’t want it to be associated. This blog wasn’t created for that purpose, nor I like those type of attention. Oh well nuffin happened, which is why I brought it up now! Linking blogs to each other? ok :o not linking to major e-peen websites, because we azn don’t really have a big ==D

The artwork on the left is drawn by Daggy again :o Its her MSN art chat! a 3 minute chat :x pretty insane!

A night in Museum (Movie)

Movies! I went to watch A night in a Museum, oh god this movie’s a funny one :) I felt asleep once when the movie started, but it starts getting funny in the end :D! The jokes was very simple to understand :D and funny how they make history funny…

Museum the Movie

But I’d watch other movies, this should be like “if you are really bored” movie to watch :O! still good for the laughter though. Planning to go watch Charlotte’s Web :o. A book which I never finish back when I was in Grade 4… because I couldn’t understand the English :x

Prison Break

Prison Break, Sarah

Amazing, burned the whole season in… 4 days I think… and wow…, although I think 24 is a bit better by a bit, but breaking out the prison sure takes a hike too :)

I like the doctor more than the lawyer :3, I also expected 24 episode, when it ended on the 22, I thought the DVD was busted lol, was searching for the longest time for episode 23/24, only to find out this isn’t 24 =P.

At least after finishing this whole season, I want to watch season 2, so its… definately a good tv show :), realistically possible ^^; Unlike 24, pretty extreme.

Anyway :) goin stop here again XD! more shoon!

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