Content Planning

Interesting stuff from MaiTalu:

  • (Good) A nice read about accuracy on FFXI Wiki. [Read more…]
  • Turn off Windows Services that you don’t actually need. Learn more how to do it here.
  • Some nice pictures of Sept 11 @ NYC. [More details…]
  • MSN Messenger, Office on USB Stick? Read more about portable application here.

4 Responses to “Content Planning”

  1. Strawberrie says:


  2. Sum says:

    Awesome blog post Maiev :)

  3. tazo says:

    lol. Mai are you bot-ing your blog? ^^

  4. Alexanderz says:

    Can you help maximize the damage of “Magic Hammer” ? It’s a new blu spell with MND, MATK, HQ Light Staff mod. I think you have a lot better gears that I do so it would be great if you wanna help. This spell has a lot of potential, if you can hit enemy just like 140ish damage, it’s a mini-self-refresh for blue.


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