Squeenix Changes Kraken Club Drops ._.

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Kraken Club now in BCNM? WUT?!!

Fukin Kclub in BC?

Due to the extreme popularity of the kraken club and trouble arising as a result of a large number of players attempting to acquire the item, the monster that previously dropped the club (Lord of Onzozo) will do so no longer. A new method of obtaining the item is currently under consideration and will be implemented shortly. There are no plans on changing the drop rate of the item in question. However, the development team would like to grant players more opportunities to obtain it.

they better not make my effort going to a waste……. i worked so many months for my kclub.

Source: PlayOnline Version Update (Dec 06)

13 Responses to “Squeenix Changes Kraken Club Drops ._.”

  1. Mikedee says:

    OMG WOW!
    I’m holding Darkwizard’s KClub atm, I hope they don’t make it R/EX (It would be funny, but I’d feel so bad :'( )

  2. Ashiya says:

    I foresee Kclub’s price going up not going down (maybe down in the first week when people panic). It will just be another change like Emp Pin, and we all knew Emp Pin went up 400% in price after the change (200% as of now).

  3. Sum says:

    I’m going to predict the same thing. This is similiar to the situation with p.charm. Long time ago, only a handful of people has it. Now anyone can obtain it since the market was flooded by it at the beginning. Kclub will have the a similiar effect but probably not yet since they haven’t release a way in which you can obtain it.

  4. Alexanderz says:

    More opportunities don’t mean that the Kraken price will be deep shit. I think it will become Rare/Ex and people can just obtained it with some very hard work. :)

    BTW Maiev, I’ve got Zephyr Mantle today … going to learn 5 more spells.

  5. jtaru says:

    more kraken clubs means lower price, it’s that simple.
    look at scorpion harness, peacock charm, etc.

    you can’t use the old prices where leaping boots were 100k vs today’s current price and say it’s because of the BCNM placement, it’s just not right. we were seeing a steady rate of inflation from NA ps2 launch to christmas of 2005, where it peaked and started to drop. now everything is stabilizing and it’ll be a while until we see more inflation, due to a smaller playerbase in a dying game.

    price will go UP on the kraken club initially for sure, then slowly trickle down as more real players get it, as opposed to gilsellers winning every claim on LoO.

    it’ll obviously take a long time to drop to any respectable price but at least in the mean time you’ll be able to buy kraken clubs from real players as opposed to gilsellers.

  6. Ashiya says:

    That’s exactly how it is. The market price index now is supposed to be the same as before inflation, yet Emp Pin is still 1.5M+ /shrug. It will take a while for Kclub price to go down any soon, unless the market overreacts to the news, which is likely to be the case, but the overshooting effect won’t last too short or too long either. Generally, I don’t think Kclub owner will be affected by this. It will take just as much time as it was before to get hold of a Kclub.

  7. Mikedee says:

    Who cares about Kraken Club? LoO should drop Ridill now! =3

  8. Piler says:

    Maiev I’ll trade you a divine rapier for your kraken club =O i want to dual weild!

  9. jtaru says:

    dual wield sange and yasha!

  10. Maiev says:

    i actually tried sange and yasha, then a separate yasha (agi) one on its own, pretty good :)

  11. Alexanderz says:

    dual wield yasha and mjollnir xD


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