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4 Responses to “Guesswho LS Website, Liquido making a Return!”

  1. Jowah says:

    Thank you for the gratz^^ And told you that site is quite nice. I really like it^^

    :o University rooms. I would like to go to a uni but I started to work then i think it will never happen^^
    “Advertiser manager and planner” e_e
    I don’t care leaving my home if i can bring alonge some of my personal belongings….my pc, some figures and books.
    And I don’t know how works exatly out there in canada :x

  2. mirith says:

    Damn Mai! Whenever I read your posts I get so totally sidetracked by all your wonderful info and links that I forget to post! Slap me silly next time I do it :P

    And I’m not sure about the WoW thing, but I can have two lovers at once right?! Good thing is they won’t get jealous of each other hahaha As long as I make time for both :D

    And resting in Dalmatic is to look 1337 of course XD Plus how else are ya ever gonna get that extra 50MP… rofflecopter.

  3. Maiev says:

    Its cool :3 I’m glad everyone found something they like on Mai post :3 I realize not everyone loves to read about my server’s stuff on an everyday basis :3

    Those are mostly from links that people send me that I found funny, some are from social bookmarking websites but mostly relatively cool, funny or useful :)

    anf if I was a bit younger, i’d probably WoW too, just because I have more time to spare ; but getting near academic career … i better stop playing so much :3 eg. I’m well known for AFKing at whitegate!

  4. Liquido says:

    Maiev! Wow i ran into your blog when i search for “FFXI liquido” on google lol!

    FFXI is so much memories, i miss the game.. spent so much time on it.

    Hope everything is all good for you!


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