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9 Responses to “Helping Adventures = Good Luck ^^;”

  1. Alexanderz says:

    Hey can you tell me how did you beat the manticore with 2 people ? thanks !

  2. Aeyze says:

    Gogo Fenrir economic slump!

  3. Jowah says:

    *kisses Maiev in her back*

  4. Jowah says:

    omg omg omg
    /panic /panic /panic

    gimme your money ; ;

  5. Maiev says:

    Reply to Alexandrez:
    Ugh, basically we both sub nin, open with gravity, put all elemental/poison/bio2 dots on it and bind. I was the one who was doing most damage because rdm had stoneskin on top of blink and fast cast, so i was a better tanker. We basically take turns binding and don’t mess up on the bind ‘-‘ it can wipe you >”< Nuke, bind, dot nuke, bind, repeat process. A tier3 nuke roughly takes it down 3% so '-'. The fight took us 20 minutes, with 1 hit of riddle (takes down all mp) :(, that's all i think, nothing really special about the fight. uses all standard mandicore moves. Reply to Jowah:
    You shuold read my previous post rofl w, the one you miss during your cosplay week

  6. tazo says:

    MAIEV!!! I want to go out with you and Noel, and meet up with our Guest from the West XD THIS Friday! Go study, PLEASE! ~_~ or I’ll /emo you in RL! >

  7. Maiev says:

    Moogle>> “Are you sure you want to use 10 merit points to raise Anti-Tazo Emo by 100 levels?”
    >>Moogle: Damn right!
    Moogle>> “Maiev has now gain full immunity to Tazo’s Emo!”

    XD, time to procrastinate!

  8. Reiginsei says:

    Damn wheres my bowl of steaming cock Kupo?

  9. Maiev says:

    LOL sorry we Kupo don’t have one =O Find it elsewhere rofl!


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