FFXI Fanbook by Otak of Quetzalcoatl

Job Chaaange!!

It’s the title of this wonderful book by Otak of Quetzalcoatl. This book is basically all of her great drawings, some of her inside-joke with her friends and lol, of course with the text in both English and Chinese (together!).

I got myself a few. The amount of TaruTaru’s just caught me… no question asked and money Paypal-ed right away! It was shipped pretty quick (lets just say, it arrived before my Token). Although I originally had some bonus chibi / signed version but I guess email can get lost :o so… it was a generic one. It’s bonus anyway :o

I actually knew this Otak because the SS of someone throwing away a Moogle Rod was discussed before in LS :O we’re like damn that sucks :D. Here’s the story about her Moogle Rod if you’re interested with what really happened.

Anyway, book description from Otak:

Content: To celebrate the 7th anniversary of FFXI, it’s a fanbook with 10 of the job AFs, plus a page of comic for each illustration. Book full of silly jokes, tarutarus and more tarutarus, sharing some or my fun momments adventuring in Vana’diel.

Jobs featured in the book: BLU/SMN/RDM/BST/BLM/PUP/WAR/COR/DRG/BRD

If this already blows you away, then you can order it by emailing her RL gil. It costs USD 7.50 with shipping to most areas of the world for some pretty freaking nice artwork. $7.50 includes the book itself, 1 postcard and shipping. Which I think is more than reasonable.

If you don’t know where to spend your $10 that you saved from A Crappaline Prophecy, then this is where you want to spend it on. Well worth than some digital armor data.

Lurazeda Otak, Quetzalcoatl, FFXI Fanbook, Art Drawing

What I got for $11.50 with shipping.

What’s Really Inside =)

So yea, after an email chat with Otak, had an order and it was here. The artwork on that cover is pretty fukin amazing. That WHM AF on the ground must be so difficult to draw, and she did it pretty good. I mean yea, looking at something then drawing is.. still takes skillz, but drawing something like that.. clothes on the ground is.. damn hard. So anyway, the cover is really about Otak’s brother job changing to wear all his pretty little AF”s. I remember Destroyplanets on Fenrir level all jobs to 60 simply to get all the pretty AF’s, and shortly after Tazo followed, although she kinda stopped 10% into the process of leveling all jobs to 60. The taru on the right is the artist. Well its “her” playing on a “dude” character (I believe). See that camera with the 2000 on it? That’s the Soultrapper 2000 LOL. However, I don’t know what is on the bottom left… it looks like beverage but.. what kind?

Page 2 was the explanation :) It made me laugh for a bit. I never played the JP version so I never really saw the Kanji (which is really Chinese characters) of this game. Looking at how she translates (or maybe it is the real word), it’s rather funny :D. Moogle is pronounced as (Mo Guu) in English lol :D. Here’s another page. Again, another example of Otak’s amazing drawing :O

Her rest of the artwork can be found on her DeviantArt website.

Well no more previews, don’t want to spoil for those that do want to get it. But she did this all by herself x_x which is quite a lot of work to be honest. Drawing, formatting, writing and stuff. Here’s just another example of her artwork, freaking nice Blue Mage drawn out x_x….

Shitty that my art skills not even remotely close to what she got :x. No talent at all in drawing what so ever :x She even plays the Ronfaure song on the Piano too on her blog. Now I wish I didn’t stop Piano at Grade 7… 1 more in the UK system to master it.. but I turn finger exercise from the Piano to the Keyboard… /fail LOL

So yea, here’s the post about ordering if you want to get your hands on one. It’s one well-spent 7.50. You got to show your nerdiness somewhere, well here’s one way of showing it.

PS: Verohawke and me are planning to get a commish done from her :O when she finishes her art contest piece :) we’ll see how that rolls out :) I need art to relax after my crazy day both landing a weather-cock airplane and the storm x_x. Hehe tailstrike pics :) Some Pilot decided to land too fast and rub the ass on the runway XD

About Otak

Otak is a TaruTaru that plays on Quetzalcoatl. She’s got a BLM RDM and BRD, but really spends most time doing missions and having a good time with her friends doing stuff like Nyzul and exping. Her blog’ here for those that can read Chinese. You can find her in FFXI for quite a lot of times :) and I hope you all support her art by buying the little homemade FFXI Fanbook =)

Otak also won the 1st ever FFXI Art Contest by Squeenix. You can find her work here.

Inquiries goes to lurazeda Att Hotmail. (It’s a little broken, don’t want bots to pick up her contact) OR just Note (PM) her on DeviantArt.

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  1. Piaya says:

    Oww :O this looks like an interesting booklet and well drawn. I will definitely take a closer look.

  2. Cyberdragon says:

    hi mai, long time troll.
    i have always enjoy your blog and the variety of topics you cover. this booklet is really nice for sure. but where is the other review for those art books that you had? ^^
    keep up the good work! stay cool! ^^

  3. Maiev says:

    Haha hay :) Ty for droppin by! I am assuming you are both art fans too :D

    yea can goto the link above and buy her book as a sign of support XD


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