Playing with Google Suggest of FFXI

As always, keeping Mai readers entertained ;) Here’s just some funny stuff when you tried some FFXI term with Google Suggests :)

FFXI Gil, Google Suggests

Damn Right, lots of people interested with CHEAP FFXI GIL!

The one thing I get most annoyed or irritated is when people search stuff like “steal POL password” and enters Mai blog. Totally what I don’t do here, but it’s scary to know what people search out there, so I’ve went and had some fun with Google Suggest with FFXI terms. Here’s just some of the interesting ones.

For those that don’t know what Google Suggests is, it’s a list of words that is prompt by Google as you type, based on “what are others/most people are searching based on what you type so far“!

Horrible Ones

FFXI Password, Google Suggest

186k people trying to hack ur account. I’ve seen quite a few that found their way here.

FFXI Hacks, Google Suggest

More Help then Hack! That’s a good thing =)

FFXI Nasa, Google Suggest

Wow… I hope everyone here is just curious of how it works rather than looking into buying one.

FFXI Buy, Google Suggest

Wasn’t lying when I said people love to BUY Kraken Clubs. Ilir did xD

FFXI Bot, Google Suggest

Obviously the search is for bot, but I was surprised to see boring on there.

FFXI Cheat, Google Suggest

What’s Cheats Free? So some people are considering playing FFXI by googling “Cheats Free” first? :D

Okay Ones.

FFXI, Google Suggest

Top Interests about FFXI is Gil, next is Players… damn gaise, keep your private info hidden! I’d hide it if I were Minidragon!

FFXI, PlayOnline, Players, Google Suggest

Why are there 600k searches on FFXI PvP? That thing is not even playable -_-;

FFXI Relic, Google Suggest

I can see why the Dagger is the top pick for Relics =) But 2nd is definitely not Staff.

FFXI Account, Google Suggest

“FFXI Accounts” is obviously looking the ones for sale :)

FFXIAH, Google Suggest

307k people find very hard to type, and rather Google it! lol.

FFXI Sell, Google Suggest

Damn, who grows so much gil that they have spare change! I can always use some gil!

FFXI Craft, Google Suggest

Everyone beliefs in the direction shit? haha Well I would do it anyway myself, doesn’t hurt =) But lol!

Made me Smile =)

Maiev FFXI, Google Suggest

Gotta love you gaise :)

I’m glad stuff I put here is either useful or entertaining =) Will keep it up xD Thanks everyone :)

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