Swiftbelt for Us!

DuckHUNT’s New Year Event: swiftbelt!

woowwwwwwwwwww i never thought we’ll get one of these!! that’s right!!! “we”!!!

cc and me got one!!!

pop order from randoms:

Ciermel : drop! 1/1

nanteri: no drop =( 0/1

nanteri’s second: no drop 0/2

sakurakun: drop! 1/1

nanteri’s third: no drop 0/3

I cant believe how unbelievably unlucky nanteri was with all her codex!!!! it was a good run and we had a good turn out. i didnt realize how hard and long it would take to build up hate on formers =O!

Anyway, after swiftbelt run. salvage went….a bit crazy.

Note, none of the stuff u read is actually real.

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  1. Maiev says:

    Oh damnn you had a screenshot! ROFL… I didn’t get them all :( that’s some hilarious screenshot!


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