Cursed Dalmatica -1 [Jayashaya]

I wasn’t goin make a post (really!!) until I get my essays done but exception can happen! My friend Jayashaya… made a HQ of Dalmatica. I was determined not to login but… I had to, say Gratz to the person who was receiving it, afterall, they are all friends that once adventure with me!

JayTalu (HQ History: A few Arits Coat, Loads of Prism Capes/Errant Slops, HQ a WifeTalu)

Cursed Dalmatica +1 -1 by Jayashaya, FFXI Fenrir

Senorita, with the Dalmatica +1!

Dalmatica +1 -1 Senorita, by Jayashaya FFXI Fenrir

So ya ‘-‘ really thank your crafting for making these astonishing item. They are probably smacking themselves really hard, like bitch slaping themselves (you just don’t know ^^; mebbe Jayashaya are slaping himself like hard atm XD) I once felt like that when I HQ an item for people, that you feel like killing yourself… after awhile, you’ll get over it! Well if it was for a close buddy, I wouldn’t have those feeling. ^^;

Non-crafters don’t really understand what we go through when we craft, such as the stress for no gil, those annoying n00b that ask you a Lv1 synthesis recipe and… the “damn I wish that HQ was for myself”… kind of thing. So be sure to appreciate their effort for bringing this service to you.

Sniper Ring -1!

Log the Fuck Out of FFXI!

Something on the other side of the Spectrum!

This is the penalty for playing when you “promise yourself not to play”. Seriously, I should be writing my business plan instead of making in-game gil. So…

Maiev synthed a Sniper Ring (-1)! [Minus 1 as in.. one less ring on Fenrir]

I shuold go back to work, else more of this going to happen. Well the HQ rate was good, had to gamble with the higher chances of breaking.. guess LOLed!

Speaking of breaking, I think the worst two synthesis for people was Wynnia’s Barone Feet and Strawberrie’s Sha’ir Manteel. I broke 2 Orichalcum Ingots making the Barone feet, I felt bad and reimburse one O.Ingot for her! For the Manteel, I broke that synth (on Earth FM), all materials except the Cashmere Cloth ‘-‘, so I reimburse all the other materials. I’ve never had to pull gil out of my own pocket to craft for “someone else’s stuff” except for those one. Although a mil gone… but at least i didn’t feel as bad. Anyway… back to work!

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Crafters out there, tell me you think like this too! XD

“Damn, I wish that HQ item that I synth was for myself” OR “Damn, I wish the shit I broke wasn’t mines! *evil grin*”

3 Responses to “Cursed Dalmatica -1 [Jayashaya]”

  1. Saykura says:

    Anytime I try to synth for gil, I never HQ. When I synth for other people, I always HQ…

  2. mirith says:

    Wow nice, cursed Dalmatica -1!

    And damn (;’~’) Sorry to see your big loss, I’ve had a few big losses too… makes me wonder why I even bother with crafting somedays.

  3. Maiev says:

    Yay i just HQ a triumph ring for…
    not myself :(


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