WoW&FFXI Merged Fanart & WoW Music Vid

That’s in Art

Another grand master piece by LovelyDagger =) Actually this wasn’t a commission from me but from someone who used to be in Duck, now plays in WoW. We love our toon (WoW toons are kinda ugly to be honest, but may improve with the upcoming high-detail upgrade of ALL armor pieces ^_^), but loves WoW scenery (Jeuno is kinda crap versus… Dalaran). So we’ve merged the best out of these 2 games into a piece of art.

So there it is :) If you recognize those people in the picture, great ^^; But at the very least, you’d find Mai howling the “Ore” truck :D You’d see my favorite pet that I beat up badly, and some Chocobo store instead of Tier 7 store :)

There’s the Red Rose in… FFXI :) as well as Aerith Promise (FF7) in WoW :) There’s ??? on the street (inside joke), as well as the FFXI mascot – Mandragora being sold by Vendors of WoW.

Although its taken place in Dalaran, but you still see Airship ^^ (Although Dalaran is a restricted airspace.. but I guess lol to Airship Pilot :D, special permit ^^)

It’s one pretty awesome drawing and.. of course it made it to a poster print ;) a few in fact :) Hope you enjoyed it too xD

LovelyDagger is one of Mai favorite Fantasy Artist. You can find her work on DaggyInk.

Squeenix Token Arrive, Account Security, FFXI

Squeenix Token!

Someone got the Squeenix Token in Mail!

Not me! But the folks from managed to get his hands on one of the Squeenix Token. I won’t complain about the packaging at all. I rather they keep the cost low, thus giving us a cheaper authenticator/token (Blizz’ packaging pretty crappy too).

They got a pretty good review there at so you can just visit/review/read it there.

The picture of “Secured” with the token makes me smile a little :D I guess Squeenix is a little proud of their account security thingie working :D I’m happy they got it too!!

Hope you all get yours soon :)

WoW Movie Watch – Britney’s Circus MTV made in WoW

Awesomeness! (I wanted to make one in FFXI too, but with limited emotions, it’s rather hard to do :3 well unless you want to stage it all yourself (hence taking it to 3ds!)

Now: Researching Hunter and writing about Ulduar :D I don’t think its rocket science (<-- LOL Video) but still takes a little bit research! =)

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  1. Etain says:

    That pic is so awesome! <3

    Our guild may have some mutiny on Friday- half our officers are dead-set against heading into Ulduar, but the Guild Leader has a hard on for it. :o Gonna be interesting… but I’m not looking forward to 100g repair bills. ;-;

  2. Maiev says:

    Thanks =)

    and omg Etain.. ur a distraction :O and what happened to ur other blog :O still linking to ffxi? XD

  3. Etain says:

    The WoW-only one is still there, but I think I <3 Bardlet’s Tale too much to not post there anymore… :3


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