This isn’t how you play Blue Mage!

Yes, you got my word! This blu, is absolutely retarded imo. 73blu outparse 74/nin blu, so much for the “blinks” heh.

If you are a blue mage and reading this, you better be subbing thf and using TP to do CA stuff… ok lets start rambling about this shit ass blu.

Maiev's Party Setup, Blu/Thf Exping

Kay! I can’t believe someone play till Lv73 blu and doesn’t know what the hell is CA…

WTF! Blue mage Vorpal Blade? Fenrir

Okay, I wasn’t even doing my best damage.. I calculated that even if I WS light, the damage I lost can be compensated from the Blm’s magic burst, I was screwing around, helping others enjoying their game AND still outparse /nin blus

WS Light, Blue Mage Exping, Maiev

Haha, I probably know why though, he DID try to CA death scissors but his damage, was SO SHIT, that he thinks vorpal blade can squeeze a higher damage than CA death scissors ‘-‘ Ookkkayyy…

But this gotta be my favorite SS, he compensated my 1000 damage by doing Vorpal Blade (5hit ws), Disseverment and Hysteric Barrage. Lets compare some stuff.

MaiTalu’s Blu (1376 damage in SS)

  • used 66mp, did 1 single hit, did it while blm had hate, hate gone!
  • I properly equip stuff so I can do Hysteric Barrage.
  • I heal the party!

Retard Blu (total 453 damage in SS)

  • Vorpal Blade for GOOD damage -.- (5hit)
  • Disseverment for a good 66mp in return for shit damage. (5hit)
  • Ok.. if you can’t get hate, how do you blink? The answer is,you don’t use them!
  • He doesn’t heal the party because he needs to conserve the MP for damage!

Enough said, if you are not soloing, you are not suppose to sub nin. Its gay, pure gay! I’m sorry!
Parser Results

4 Responses to “This isn’t how you play Blue Mage!”

  1. Jareem - Asura says:

    I find this guide rather interesting. Mainly because I do not think it’s a well rounded view of using /NIN in exp parties. /THF, /NIN, even /DRK (although I would never use it) have their strengths and weaknesses. Of course, spike damage isn’t one for /NIN. Does that mean that /THF will out parse them overall? No, not really. Because it depends on what you have merited, what spells are set, and what equipment you have.

    I’m an Elvaan and generally, my STR is 66 + 32 with spells and food. When I was exping in my 60s, I could easily pull off over 1k dmg. Vorpal Blade does ~500+ (800 is personal best), Death Scissors ~300-500+ and Maelstrom on a Magic Burst ~300+. True, it’s more MP to burn, but the other side of it, my melee dmg was already on par with other melee. I’m hitting with two swords for 50-65 with Critical Hits around 75-100. Most /THFs barely break 35-40 damage. A lot of them hit for 20-30 (From the ones I’ve partied with). So for every 1 hit, I’m doing almost three times the melee damage.

    True enough, most BLUs I’ve partied with have sucked at damage. Even in BLU burn parties, you learn real quick on who’s doing what with regards to damage as well from /NIN, /THF, /DRK, /WHM, /RDM and some others who really don’t need to be mentioned. I’ve partied with one BLU/NIN in a spell learning party and his Frenetic Rip was parsing 1000+, Disseverment 1800+ (He even pulled off 2,000 dmg once) and Hysteric Barrage 1500+. The mob rated tough to him, but he was doing heavy damage without CASA. However, it had top gear on for a BLU75 (Hume).

    Certain races have natural strengths over others. You can only give your experience based on playing as a Taru. I’m all for whatever anyone wants to use as a sub on BLU as long as it’s viable. I do not believe /THF is the only way. Everything has to be taken in perspective. It’s easy to parse high numbers without /THF and the right gear. It may be something worth looking into. That’s my two cents. ^^

  2. Maiev says:

    In regards to your 2k damage, I have to ask, is the mob you are fighting Qutrub.

    I do agree certain race have certain strength, such as Taru are better when guns vs Elvs are on bows, or taru have the INT, doing higher Mandibular Bite than Elvs, vs An elv doing good Screwdriver over Tarus due to higer MND

    If you are talking about Frentic Rip, 1000 damage on a 3 hit spell is roughly 333 damage per spell., Disseverment (if you say 2k damage), works out to be nearly 400damage per hit, that’s provided you do all hit. I have yet to read any damage screenshot that showed 2k, so if you don’t mind showing me a screenshot ^^; I’d love to add that into how hume blu/nin can score better!

    Blue spell won’t naturally crit, someone linked an article on BlueGartr eg. Dissector, the crit increase will not help spell. The only thing it make sense to me is you are fighting a double damage mob, if not you are telling me, a blu/nin, can take out an Imp (2000 disseverment + 1000 frentic rip), afterall, Imps only have roughly 2500hp.

    My article mostly focus on being a DD, so I’m not really looking for spike damage. If you sort through my blue mage blog entry, they all have parser results linked to them and 98% of the party I win #1 on the parser (from level 40 – 75 journey, all party was parsed and blogged)

    I’ve partied with a Galka blue (Mathrandir on my server, fully war merit 8 sword 4 axe, crit etc) before, his parser pulled very close and all he did was vorpal and self skillchain. Whereas I have to use a /thf to outparse him. Its a style of playing like you said, an elv will do stuff differently :)

  3. Jareem - Asura says:

    It took me forever to find your site again. XD Of course I was talking about Qutrub, how else would you get that dmg. ^^ I haven’t been able to put a lot of research in to BLU like you have. I don’t pay a lot of attention. Usually I’m too busy getting killed on my BLM in Dynamis ;_;. I do know my build of spells and equipment differs from other BLUs and a lot of times, I out parse them on damage, even as /NIN. This is overall and not just spells. Sometimes you have to find a balance.

    Overall, I think you have a great guide and I recommend it to others (when I can find it – finally bookmarked ^^; ) If I can get some screen shots and actually start taking notes, I’ll send them. ^^

  4. Elmerina says:

    You dont have to sub THF for total dmg besides it debuffs the permanent dmg of spells by decreasing str, which is why id rather sub WAR til like 60 and even though SE changed meditate im thinkn about subbing sam to test out the possibility to chain 2 times… WS>Spell>WS Im also interested in DRK sub.. i dont like doing what ppl say i like to try new things…its funner that way^^


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