WoW: 59Sec 3 Drakes (Equal to 59sec Kirin Zerg)

The World of Raids

59sec 10man 3drakes speed kill – WoW!

You know how Kirin spawns the 3 gods based on elapsed time? A similar thing exists in WoW too. That’s at Satharion. However, in WoW, you can pick to kill his assist (the other gods) before engaging him… but if you do it with his assistant, then you get better loot! So it’s a hard pick.

Anyway, so instead of killing all their assistant, a WoW guild in China were able to zerg dead Satharion before his assistant arrives. Which is pretty awesome :D 8k dps on Warriors are crazy… and DK’s too :x

WoW’s turning into FFXI somewhat… stuff are zergable just like FFXI. But they are zergable in a different aspect. FFXI made it possible via merits and the right gear. Whereas WoW is pure gear. It’d take some time to do shit like speed kill the current raid bosses.. but it will be there. You just got to farm everyone up.

It does take more skillz to pull massive DPS in WoW. If you want to pull decent DPS… its not that difficult. Here’s another one of 25man Patchwerk 1:43 speed kill.. very crazy.

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